Pie Ranch CSA

Community Supported Agriculture


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What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

CSA refers to a model of farming in which farmers sell harvest shares (vegetables, flowers, meat, etc.) directly to people in the local community. A CSA represents a shared commitment: Community members commit to share the risks and benefits of farming; sharing both bounty and scarcity. It provides farmers, in this case Pie Ranch, with a secure customer base. Pie Ranch commits to doing their utmost to provide the local community with the best-quality, most nutritious food around. This direct connection benefits:

The Community

  • receives weekly fresh picked, high quality produce

  • keeps revenue in the community.

  • serves as an opportunity to connect with the people growing their food and through the weekly newsletters learn more about food, justice, and farming practices.

The Environment

  • decreases packaging and pollution (the carbon footprint it takes to get food directly to your plate).

  • We are the source of your produce.

Pie Ranch

  • supplies consistent and secure farm revenue throughout the growing season which allows us to support our youth internship and Emerging farmers education programs.

What is the Pie Ranch CSA about and how is it different from other CSA’s?

Pie Ranch is an educational farm.  By purchasing a Pie Ranch share, you are supporting our Emerging Farmers Apprenticeship and Pie Ranch’s youth internship program, HomeSlice. Pie Ranch’s CSA is a partnership between Pie Ranch, Pescadero Elementary, Oceana High School, Mission High School, and their surrounding communities. Our apprentices participate in all aspects of the farm operation including planning and facilitating harvests and ensure you receive the best quality produce. HomeSlice nurtures youth leaders by fostering skills in organic agriculture, culinary arts, communication, team building, community health and nutrition. HomeSlice students learn about the complexities of a broken food system, while living and working on the farm.

Thank you for supporting sustainable agriculture, Bay Area youth and our emerging farmer program.