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Artwork by Ava Blum-Carr and Design by MPH Designs

Artwork by Ava Blum-Carr and Design by MPH Designs

All over the world, communities gather to bid farewell to the passing season and greet the next. We gather to send off our ancestors as they move to the next realm, and welcome newborns into this one. We teach our young ones about the water cycle early on–that rainfall from above feeds rivers below to bring health to our oceans while clouds inherit those vapors still lingering in our atmosphere. We turn nutrient-rich cover crops into soil to restore the fields that bear abundant food for us and other animal life. We compost!

Each revolution of these systems propels us onward. We are motivated and supplied with needed momentum, just as the wheels of a bicycle move us down a path. At Pie Ranch, we honor the cyclical patterns of time and knowledge, of joy and healing.

We are pleased to announce the 2019 Feast in the Field Fundraiser,

and invite you to celebrate with us at

The Cycle of Pie

Saturday, September 7th, 2019, 3:00 pm - 10:00pm

Appetizers, Gala Dinner, Live Auction with Barn Dance to follow

Dine on farm-fresh produce and protein, sip magnificent wine and join the circular rhythm of friendship on the farm.

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What cycles influence you every day? Are you witness to elders and youth exchanging wisdom in reciprocity? What is your ritual for gratitude at the beginning of a new day, as it turns over from restorative night? What invisible cycles govern your health? How do you acknowledge the microbiomes that churn and contribute to our ecosystems, unseen but crucial? Your partnership helps us to educate more youth, train more apprentices to farm sustainably, and protect our agricultural heritage for future generations. Thank you and we hope to celebrate with you on Saturday, September 7th!

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