Pie Ranch CSA


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When does the Pie Ranch 2019 CSA start?

Our full CSA season runs for 24 weeks with the option to sign up for just half a season (summer or fall, which run for 12 weeks each or to select a combination of your own dates for a slightly more expensive box). Seasons dates are:

Full Season (24 Boxes) June 13–November 21

Summer Pie Ranch CSA Box (12 boxes) June 13–August 29

Fall Pie Ranch CSA Box (12 boxes)  September 5–November 21

Where are the pick-up sites?

Farmstand (Pie Ranch): (summer + fall)
La Honda Country Store: (summer + fall)
Santa Cruz (West Side): (summer + fall)
Pacifica: (Manzanita Drive [summer] Oceana High School [fall])
San Francisco: (Mission [summer]; Mission High School [fall] )
AirBnB (SF): (summer + fall)
The Woods GCC (Mountain View): (summer + fall)
Stanford Community Garden (Palo Alto): (summer + fall)

What do you get in a Pie Ranch CSA Box?

As a share member, you’ll receive 8–11 items from the farm which typically include two lettuces; one bunched green; herbs; root vegetables; fruit, depending on season and availability; and one or two seasonal veggies. Our boxes will vary with season and availability. You will also receive a weekly e-newsletter and  a “reci’pie’” recipe — an index card with a recipe that you can collect to have a ring-full at the end of the season. Below are some examples of what could be in the box:

Summer BOX

Summer Squash
Thai Basil
Curly Kale
Heirloom Tomatoes
2 heads of Lettuce
Santa Rosa Plums

fall BOX

Heirloom Tomatoes
Sweet Peppers
Butternut Squash
2 heads of Lettuce

How much food is it?

Depending on the season and produce availability, you may receive a lot of light items such as greens, or many heavy items like tomatoes and potatoes; boxes vary between 5 and 15 lbs a week. We estimate that receiving one box weekly is a good amount of produce for a family of two to five people for cooking meals and eating at home at least 4–5 times per week. Only you can determine what works best for your eating habits. If you are vegetarian or always eat at home, a weekly box may work for a single person or smaller family. If you aren't used to cooking with a lot of produce and/or eat many meals from restaurants, you may decide that you want to share a box subscription with someone else and switch off picking up the boxes every other week.

How much does it cost?

Our boxes are on a sliding scale. A sliding scale is a tool for building economic justice, and it requires our members active participation. We are a small farm committed to creating a just food system which includes making nutritionally dense food available to all. We know that more often than not, the most vulnerable communities are the communities that have least access to basic resources. That being said, the cost of each box varies depending on household income and drop-off site location.


The Institutional Partner Shares are for households that can afford to pay the full price and that are employee only based sites at institutions that support our work.

The Full Priced Share is for households that can afford to pay the full price and that are from our public pick up sites.

The Discounted Wholesale Share is for families that cannot afford to pay the full price. The criteria for qualifying for the wholesale boxes are below, and are based off of the current food stamp guidelines.

You can also contribute to our social justice work, which helps us increase access to our organic, local produce to lower income households by partially subsidizing the full cost of a CSA box, by paying an additional $2 per box you receive or making a one time contribution.  

What happens if I can’t pick up my CSA box at the scheduled time?

We recommend you arranging an alternative, like asking a friend, family member, or fellow CSA member to pick up your box. If a box is not picked up on the designated day, it will be donated at the discretion of the host. No one is responsible for the box but you.  We understand that people may travel or need a break from their produce so you can put your box on hold one week each season and receive that box at a later date at the end of the season.

Once you pay for your CSA membership, the payment in non-refundable. If you let us know with advance notice that you cannot pick up your box one week, we can put your box on hold for one time each season, meaning you will pick up that box at the end of the season.

How do I pay? Do you accept EBT?

  • Once you register, we will send you an invoice via email and you can pay us by check or credit card.

  • We also accept EBT. Please call or email to inquire.

How do I sign up?

Are there any perks for signing up friends, family and neighbors?

Yes! For each person you refer to our CSA, you will receive a free pie! Please make sure to tell your friend to write your name as a reference to make sure you receive the pie!

Thank you for supporting sustainable agriculture, Bay Area youth and our emerging farmer program.