Food Education


An integral piece of Pie Ranch’s vision is to grow the next generation of food systems leaders in their home communities.

Pie Ranch has partnered with public schools beginning in 2005 with Mission High School in San Francisco. In its first year the Youth Program served 50 students; it now reaches more than 500-1000 young people annually in four partner school communities in Pescadero, Pacifica, San Francisco, and Oakland. 

Our partner schools engage in a series of repeat field trips that build upon one another and are connected back in the classroom with lessons developed and taught by the Pie Ranch Youth Programs’ team. This model allows students to make cross-curricular connections and advances a comprehensive understanding of how the food we eat has economic, social, environmental and political implications — both individually and globally!

Additionally, several students from our partner schools participate in our seasonal, food systems internship program, HomeSlice. HomeSlice employs youth and provides skill building opportunities in sustainable agriculture, culinary arts and food justice organizing. The HomeSlice program cross-pollinates students from diverse school communities to empower them to transform the food system on the national and global level. Our youth programming seeks to build trust and respect for our food, our land and each other as youth witness the cycles of days, weeks, months, seasons, and years on the farm.

We also host one-time, fee-for-service programs with K-12 grades from schools all over the Bay Area.

Additionally we provide corporate retreats, meals and team builders as scheduling permits.

Please contact for questions regarding group off sites, team builders, retreats and more. Contact for questions regarding youth and school field trips, visits, and overnights.

“I first got involved with Pie Ranch when working with my agricultural science class, that led to me becoming more involved with Pie Ranch and gardening as a whole. During a week long trip to Pie I realized that this was a place where I was happy and enjoyed the work, the people, and of course the food! All of that led to me wanting to be a part of HomeSlice. I spent six weeks on the farm and a week in North Carolina for a national food justice summit for youth. I got to meet a lot of people and have made a ton of memorable experiences. Pie Ranch is more than just a farm, it is my home farm.”
— Demetrius Ontiveros, HomeSlice Youth